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Just a hobby composer/arranger/mixer here trying to have some fun with like-minded musicians around the world ...

I try to use every contribution to my song ideas that I get. If that means multiple versions of the same song, that's great! So if you are, say, a singer or a lyricist, and a project already has vocals or lyrics, don't hesitate to add your ideas anyway! Most likely they will be used. :)

As for contributing to other people's projects: Don't hesitate to ask me if you need a mixing guy! That's what I love to do and what I'm best at. I removed "Keyboards" from my list of talents because 'm not good (not even mediocre) at it, and I'm definitely NOT a piano player. So do not ask me to play on your song - I won't!

I use Cubase for production (composition, arrangement) and mixing, REAPER for (single-file) mastering and Studio One or Sonar for Melodyne jobs. Every now and then I do a mix in Sonar, Pro Tools, Studio One or REAPER too, but I definitely prefer the Cubase workflow and feature set.

I love the music of the 70s (disco, singer/songwriter, classic rock, progressive rock, ...). Not a big fan of modern stuff, but there are exceptions.

Being crazy

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
14 Files, 3yr+1mo ago
ZaurgM ZaurgM, cyfosteve, xinet + 1 more

Black Crow - rebooted

11 Files, 3 years ago
stoman stoman, Casia-Lyricist, Jeanbass + 1 more

It's A New Day (Radio-Anthem version)

48 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, stoman, KimNobleMusic + 3 more


14 Files
xvpusw xvpusw, gabrojazz, ESTJdrummer + 3 more

The Dark Motel

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
30 Files, 3 years ago
stoman stoman, Jessica, bagpipe + 2 more

Trust In The Moon

6 Files, 2yr+11mo ago
stoman stoman, Mimmo

My Eyes Are The Only Ones You See

12 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
stoman stoman, Jeanbass

Trees (Kim and Angie and the ukulele :))

24 Files
Iblue Iblue, KimNobleMusic, stoman

Trees (Kim's vocals .. Larry's guitars.. Vocal choir :))

36 Files, 3yr+1mo ago
Iblue Iblue, KimNobleMusic, stoman + 9 more

Throughout the Times (was: New Age/Pop Demo 6)

57 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, ShakunetsuO + 4 more

Losing It And Loving It

15 Files, 3yr+1mo ago
stoman stoman, DonnaM, Reba1994 + 1 more

MAKING CENTS ON THE SIDEWALK ( Lyrics only ) need guitar and vocals .

27 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
Teek Teek, KimNobleMusic, stoman

Ole Chicago (Country/Pop)

Alternative Country
11 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
stoman stoman, GeorgeSC, pvd111 + 3 more

The Secrets Of M (working title)

8 Files, 2yr+12mo ago
stoman stoman, seniorpopx

welcome to my KOMPOZ HOME

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
27 Files, 3yr+2mo ago
Iblue Iblue, stoman, offthewall + 4 more

When I Made You My Wife Written By Scott C. Villnuve

Contemporary Country
34 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
Scottyv Scottyv, stoman, Mack + 3 more

Project 100

24 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
JarekA JarekA, AndreaSpace, asummerlin + 1 more

The day that Elvis Died

29 Files, 2yr+5mo ago
Scottyv Scottyv, GeorgeSC, pramsay + 2 more


Indie Rock
50 Files, 2yr+12mo ago
IntervaloLucido IntervaloLucido, RottGold, KimNobleMusic + 4 more

Randy Baby

American Trad Rock
59 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
VocalRun VocalRun, WalterPaulOwen, RustyFingers + 1 more

Cup of Tea (Invite sent for Engineering)

15 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman

I Need Your Light (Invite sent for Engineering)

14 Files, 3yr+4mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman, Iblue

Funny Pages::Rap Version (Inspired by XVPUSW lyrics -- feat. the geniuses of Stoman and Alan!!)

37 Files, 3yr+5mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, xvpusw, ARA9 + 1 more

Gotta Get Outta This Funk

40 Files, 1yr+11mo ago
GeorgeSC GeorgeSC, dwfreak, ipft + 2 more

Trees (Cyfosteve FUNK MIX)

29 Files, 3yr+5mo ago
Iblue Iblue, alyo, stoman + 3 more

Trees ( dedicated to the beautiful life of Pedro!) feat. Angie, Pedro and K-town

123 Files, 3yr+1mo ago
Iblue Iblue, KimNobleMusic, alyo + 18 more

Trees (for my dear Cal's 9th birthday--Invite accepted for Engineering)

25 Files, 3yr+3mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman, alyo + 3 more

WANNA KOMPOZ.. These are my terms

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
6 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
Iblue Iblue, stoman, offthewall

Earthquake (Invite sent for engineering)

1 File, 3yr+7mo ago

Trying to Write a Song

72 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
stoman stoman, KimNobleMusic, Teek + 2 more

Not Us or (state of the art love) needs mixing engineering

3 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
guidaseag guidaseag, stoman, lostdigital

Later Than You Thought

37 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
stoman stoman, seniorpopx, Mack + 2 more

Steel Cowboy (feat. Dan Grubb-a-lubbs!) :)

Alternative Country
30 Files, 3yr+4mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman, DantheMan + 1 more

My Soul's Romance (Uke Style--Invite sent for Engineering) :)

Contemporary Country
20 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
KimNobleMusic KimNobleMusic, stoman, Midipunk

She Looks Fine (remake)

9 Files, 3yr+6mo ago
stoman stoman, Casia-Lyricist, phraser