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Rochester NY   United States of America
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I prefer instrumentals.

I would add a favorite genre, but they don't have "jazz-rock"...haha

Playing a Roland electric set now....a bit of a learning curve, but it's coming together...

I can only provide stereo drum mixes...

...Played in the 2nd incarnation of Billy Sheehans' "Talas" back in the day...)..a great experience...

......a surprise accolade - a drum review sandwiched between Vinnie Colaiuta & Buddy Rich...ha!...

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17 Files, 10yr+8mo ago
ReggieB Bouffy, MDK, markmiller + 1 more


Chicago Blues
27 Files, 9yr+12mo ago
ReggieB ReggieB, Jessica, RGBass + 3 more

Element One

32 Files, 8yr+12mo ago
RGBass RGBass, TymeSync, biertje72 + 2 more

Once Again Again

Crossover Jazz
11 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
markmiller markmiller, CidEllis, MistressMay + 1 more

Miller Standard Time

20 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
rcassent rcassent, liljoe6string, RGBass + 3 more

One Fine Day

Crossover Jazz
13 Files, 10yr+2mo ago
billy billy, markmiller, EnricoNic + 1 more


17 Files, 8yr+12mo ago
RGBass RGBass, Lanceo, markmiller + 2 more

Tulsa Groove

19 Files, 10yr+8mo ago
Bottom_End Bottom_End, markmiller, VintageSax + 1 more
Artwork Staff Pick

Cant You hear

39 Files, 10yr+6mo ago
rcassent rcassent, neticous, jezor + 4 more

Falling Leaves

Trad Jazz
32 Files, 10yr+8mo ago
Bottom_End Bottom_End, jamsession, billy + 4 more
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Scary Monsters

Adult Alternative
27 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
CoincidenceControlOffice CoincidenceControlOffice, CidEllis, markmiller + 3 more

Psycho Pop

9 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
gabe gabe

I've been missing you since then

Adult Alternative
53 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
cronz cronz, billy, Corvidae + 4 more

as good as it gets

Indie Rock
13 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
rixster rixster

Arethusa Falls

21 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
billy billy, markmiller, CidEllis + 1 more

I Got It All Here

Adult Alternative
23 Files, 8yr+4mo ago
Hot-Blood-Ed Hot-Blood-Ed, Rombal, soundflow + 1 more

Obsession in Blue

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
44 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
EnricoNic EnricoNic, Lonnie, MarKoLab + 2 more
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Fake name

Adult Alternative
20 Files, 9yr+12mo ago
CoincidenceControlOffice CoincidenceControlOffice, richbeerman, markmiller + 3 more
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Gone Blue

Chicago Blues
18 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
billy billy, Filgood, Harpline + 3 more

Minor Konsumption

Trad Jazz
7 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
Bottom_End Bottom_End, markmiller

The Guardian

Jam Bands
11 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
RickConner RickConner, Emmett, onemomentspeace + 1 more

My Best Friend

Trad Jazz
20 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
lyricwriterJo lyricwriterJo, rthavard, FIGSOUNDS + 3 more
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CoincidenceControlOffice CoincidenceControlOffice, SickCat, MarkAlanDooley + 4 more


15 Files, 10yr+12mo ago
BillOnGuitar BillOnGuitar, scorp1on, markmiller

Eye's of a Darkened Heart

American Trad Rock
24 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
RickConner RickConner, SirWillyDS12, DannoGroove + 5 more
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Love ya Boy

Adult Alternative
30 Files, 10yr+13mo ago
CityGirl CityGirl, CidEllis, stratotak + 7 more
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Better Days Tonight

Traditional Country
17 Files, 11yr+2mo ago
TurquoiseRose TurquoiseRose, FIGSOUNDS, Bottom_End + 2 more

Run Away

Adult Alternative
18 Files, 11yr+3mo ago
Awakenedbyfaith Awakenedbyfaith, Mudflappus, onemomentspeace + 8 more
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See Me Now

29 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
bjorn bjorn, markmiller, MDK + 4 more
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Herbie On Greenwood

14 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
Bottom_End Bottom_End, markmiller, Lee88


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
16 Files, 10yr+11mo ago
onemomentspeace onemomentspeace, RickConner, markmiller + 2 more
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Empire City States

Adult Alternative
11 Files, 10yr+5mo ago
MarkAlanDooley MarkAlanDooley, markmiller

Up For Air

Crossover Jazz
11 Files, 10yr+5mo ago
markmiller markmiller, CidEllis
Artwork Staff Pick

Slouchback Boogie

Jam Bands
7 Files, 11yr+2mo ago
RickConner RickConner, voodoobassist, markmiller

Whatever You Think [Jam Version]

Trad Jazz
11 Files, 11yr+1mo ago
torque torque, Bottom_End, markmiller + 2 more

She's a Mystery

26 Files, 11yr+6mo ago
voodoobassist voodoobassist, KarlKnutson, markmiller + 3 more