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"Beautiful compositions meet stunning visual art. Mark is a modern renaissance man you need to keep up with if you're interested in music as an art form." - - @truefiretv

Retro Jazz Rock Alternative Blues Pop Guitarist in 3D, weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The Lo-Fi Technicolor Dream Edition.....of sweet streaming consciousness musing from guitar guru soupafreek.....Mark Alan Dooley. Sweeping landscapes of emotional harmonies to heal and hope, to bump and grind, to rock and roll. "I have to strike a balance between trying to achieve perfection and capturing the happy accident". Mark started playing guitar at the tender age of 7 in Richmond, Kentucky after hearing the Beatles song "Revolution". He knew what he wanted to do from that point. "I had not heard distortion on a guitar till then and I loved it". The rest is a myst..I mean history!

You Are No Longer Alone

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
16 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
MissKaylaMusic MissKaylaMusic, MikeJM, liljoe6string + 3 more

I Walk Alone

Alternative Country
23 Files, 5yr+2mo ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, MikeJM, betoschmidt + 2 more

Time Machine

12 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, kenzoK, Grumpy + 3 more


21 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
peterrand peterrand, MarkAlanDooley, Coney

Wherever You Are

33 Files, 4yr+10mo ago
crazymadhouse crazymadhouse, MikeJM, liljoe6string + 3 more

Still waiting the stars

New Wave
13 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
kenzoK kenzoK, xvpusw, PilotProject + 2 more

New Horizons

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
12 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
peterrand peterrand, Snare-Bastler, MikeJM + 2 more

The Night Falls down like rain (Mystic)

Arena Rock
4 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
kenzoK kenzoK, joel_sattlersongs, MarkAlanDooley

Medicine Man

Adult Alternative
8 Files, 4yr+7mo ago
bthorne bthorne, MarkAlanDooley, peterrand + 1 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
48 Files, 4yr+11mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, srhangover, MikeJM + 4 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
25 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
deBruin WoutervanBeek, RedRhino, Gemini + 2 more

Don't Fade Away

Hard Rock
13 Files, 5yr+2mo ago
MikeJM MikeJM, RedRhino, Gemini + 2 more


24 Files, 4yr+12mo ago
crazymadhouse crazymadhouse, GeorgeSC, MikeJM + 3 more


Hard Rock
26 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
PhillipEwingGuitarist PhillipEwingGuitarist, MarkAlanDooley, joel_sattlersongs + 2 more

Slide Rock D

11 Files, 4yr+10mo ago
hsfrede hsfrede, MikeJM, MarkAlanDooley + 1 more

Blackout (Lyric)

Hard Rock
1 File, 5yr+5mo ago
BKWilliamson BKWilliamson, MarkAlanDooley


7 Files, 4yr+1mo ago
CoincidenceControlOffice CoincidenceControlOffice, MarkAlanDooley, alizieri

Nothing New

Adult Alternative
9 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
BKWilliamson BKWilliamson, bcm0509, MarkAlanDooley


12 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
joel_sattlersongs joel_sattlersongs, WalterPaulOwen, zzeezz + 2 more


7 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
liljoe6string liljoe6string, RGBass, MarkAlanDooley + 1 more

Since You Been Gone

Electric Blues
28 Files, 4yr+8mo ago
loulou loulou, FIGSOUNDS, JimmyS + 6 more

The Floyd Within

44 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, sriracha, MarkAlanDooley + 3 more

It Must Be Love

9 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, MarkAlanDooley, BKWilliamson + 2 more

One Eyed Town

Classic Rock
11 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
bthorne bthorne, Snare-Bastler, peterrand + 2 more

To Live Without You

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
32 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, sriracha, kenzoK + 4 more

There is a way out

12 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
CoincidenceControlOffice CoincidenceControlOffice, MarkAlanDooley, liljoe6string + 1 more


25 Files, 5yr+6mo ago
bthorne bthorne, peterrand, MarkAlanDooley + 3 more

Never Again

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
15 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, JayCook79, kenzoK + 3 more


10 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, BKWilliamson, zzeezz + 1 more

Made of Steel

Hard Rock
62 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
bthorne bthorne


Hard Rock
31 Files
bthorne bthorne

Losing You

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
12 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
peterrand peterrand, GeorgeSC, bthorne + 2 more

Children Of The 80's We Are

Hair Metal
62 Files, 4yr+9mo ago
EdSilva EdSilva, SirEdgeingtonBlue, liljoe6string + 10 more

Lost in the night

21 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
PhillipEwingGuitarist PhillipEwingGuitarist, MarkAlanDooley, AudioAgenda + 3 more

Dance With the Devil

Southern Rock
18 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
bthorne bthorne, xvpusw, MarkAlanDooley + 2 more

Sunset City

Hard Rock
23 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
bthorne bthorne, MikeJM, Snare-Bastler + 2 more