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I write, I play and I enjoy the day

Main project:


If you upload a demo, please upload the Sep at the same time!!!!

I accept all lyrics uploaded so that a vocalist has a choice.

I've been playing drums since 1979 and keyboards since 1992.

More of a composer now, let me know if I can assist in any way.

Always glad to help.!

Wargames Indie/Pop/Rock Instrumental I'd love to hear another perspective on

Indie Rock
12 Files, 1 year ago
jondarren jondarren, Mykk, MikiBella + 1 more


13 Files, 1 year ago
ralphtonge ralphtonge, MikiBella, Mykk + 1 more

Background (Nick Drums)

11 Files, 1 year ago
peterrand peterrand, dwfreak, njd3 + 2 more


8 Files, 1 year ago
skl264 skl264, Mykk

Wild and Free

Soft Rock
34 Files, 11mo+10dy ago
jannik jannik, JeanToudou, Mykk + 4 more

Presque Vu

Classic Rock
50 Files, 1 year ago
CryUncle CryUncle, Mykk, Wire-and-Wood + 3 more

MUSING with Mykk (Labodaz)

9 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
Gemini Gemini, Mykk

Memory Tree

12 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
peterrand peterrand, Mykk, njd3


New Acoustic
11 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
Yertle Yertle, TheOther, MikiBella + 1 more

Here we are

24 Files, 5mo+27dy ago
fernandoznas fernandoznas, Mykk, gibberdyjess

Getting Old

11 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
Leericemusic Leericemusic, Menta111ness, Mykk + 2 more

cinematic jazz funk

38 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
SirEdgeingtonBlue SirEdgeingtonBlue, gabrojazz, JeanToudou + 5 more

A Toast

Smooth Jazz
14 Files, 3mo+6dy ago
EdsonCastro EdsonCastro, Mykk, DirtyDirtyRice

New Q

10 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
zedvee zedvee, Mykk

A Hundred Miles An Hour

32 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
Sterling Sterling, TboneDrummer, Mykk + 1 more

Dancing Machine (Classic Rhythm & Blues/Soul Spin-Off)

15 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
NajibNJBZX NajibNJBZX, bcstudios, Mykk

a love like you

19 Files, 3mo+19dy ago
foreverexe foreverexe, Mykk, JB2012 + 1 more

Nocturnal One (Rock)

Classic Rock
2 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, Mykk, Buttercup

cinematic jazz funk

37 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
SirEdgeingtonBlue SirEdgeingtonBlue, drumdawg, TboneDrummer + 5 more

Piano Cheese Roll

11 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, Mykk


Classic Rock
4 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, Mykk

Love Worth Having

Classic Rock
10 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, Mykk

Best day of my life

47 Files, 9mo+3dy ago
Teathetrumpoet Teathetrumpoet, EdsonCastro, Cibrshrink + 3 more

What Do You Want Me To Do

6 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, JoDyAnnRe, Mykk

egd_eae_dbc_dad_egd idea

36 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
Menta111ness Menta111ness, Mykk, RGBass + 1 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
TheOtherMichael TheOtherMichael, MikeJM, TJBlanner + 13 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
SirEdgeingtonBlue SirEdgeingtonBlue, MikeJM, TARc + 11 more

No Politics! Just Music!

17 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
Hines57 Hines57, JB2012, whamptoncourt + 2 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: SkaBoy Dance All Night

Adult Contemporary
19 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
Graj Graj, MikeJM, TJBlanner + 12 more

Fight For Us

51 Files, 2mo+14dy ago
TGPopPrincess33 TGPopPrincess33, kman, aliceminguez + 3 more


26 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
tbase2000 tbase2000, Mykk, offthewall + 1 more

Lullaby Dream

14 Files, 1yr+4mo ago
peterrand peterrand, NicolaOffidani, whamptoncourt + 1 more

Don't Worry Mr. Wayne

Adult Contemporary
60 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
JB2012 JB2012, Mykk, guidaseag + 4 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
ploesch ploesch, MikeJM, TJBlanner + 11 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0 - Memories

Adult Contemporary
24 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
offthewall offthewall, MikeJM, Mykk + 1 more

Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
2 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
MikeJM MikeJM, JB2012, Mykk + 12 more