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This is me playing a concert to absolutely no one! This is in my family room. :) Pretty new at Guitar and singing. I've been writing songs for a while. Mostly Blues but I like traditional and outlaw country as well.

Window Shopping... aka... Fire (Ricky D spin-off)

26 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
BrotherRat BrotherRat, RickyD, LindaJune + 1 more

There's A Song In This

23 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, RickyD, LooknGlass

Another Day

Traditional Country
33 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
Mudflappus Mudflappus, RickyD, alyo + 1 more

Boss 429

Outlaw Country
23 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
Mudflappus Mudflappus, RickyD, lafngrrl + 1 more

It Just Felt Right Scotty V Lyrics

Country Blues
49 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
Scottyv Scottyv, jannik, RickyD + 4 more

Orange House

Electric Blues
41 Files, 2yr+6mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, gabrojazz, antonklinkt + 3 more

Linger Longer Lounge

Country Blues
4 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
mtchlmllr mtchlmllr, RickyD

What kind of song (Makes A Pretty Woman sing)

Contemporary Country
29 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
Scottyv Scottyv, RickyD, Nicolej + 2 more

It's Good For You

19 Files, 2yr+8mo ago
jubal jubal, alyo, PilotProject + 4 more

My Horse Knowns

14 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
jamtrack jamtrack, MikeJM, EdsonCastro + 2 more

Comming up for air (64)

33 Files, 8mo+17dy ago
Lift Lift, nemmy, DhrezWell + 1 more

Let The Lovin Begin

Country Blues
38 Files, 2yr+3mo ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, GeorgeSC, VocalRun + 1 more

Songs are Songs

28 Files, 3 years ago
offthewall offthewall, Milesey, jubal + 5 more


Acoustic Blues
13 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
BrotherRat BrotherRat, RickyD

I'm thinking (ScottyV lyrics)

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Buttercup Buttercup, RickyD, LindenCircle + 4 more


Electric Blues
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WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, Teek, RickyD + 2 more

Mean Old Woman Blues by RickyD - jamtrack

4 Files, 3yr+4mo ago
jamtrack jamtrack, RickyD

I m so fondue of you J C Blue

19 Files, 2yr+5mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, xterrabill, RickyD

What kind of song (Makes A Pretty Woman sing)

Contemporary Country
20 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
Scottyv Scottyv, Nicolej, warntz + 2 more

Blackness Falls

49 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
BKWilliamson BKWilliamson, joeyalomar, KimNobleMusic + 2 more

There's The Boy

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
45 Files, 2yr+12mo ago
crazymadhouse crazymadhouse, GeorgeSC, Buttercup + 8 more

Feelin' Fine (Lyric)

8 Files, 2yr+4mo ago
BKWilliamson BKWilliamson, MustaphaSnooze, SeeBread + 1 more

Swamp Thing

Contemporary Blues
67 Files, 2 years ago
webseattle webseattle, RikkiSiddle, xvpusw + 4 more