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Homeschool mom who started writing 3 or 4 years ago because I needed an outlet :)

Music comes with words & a tune, but I can't play an instrument to save my life ( though I dabble in piano & recorder :)

Added Feb.4, 2019:

Once we get our song to a good stage, I plan to post on SoundCloud and make a YouTube video. I try to give credit where possible, but don't get too excited, as these platforms will never make any of us rich. They are just a link that I can use should I ever get off my lazy arsenal and look for a publisher! :) If you do not want your work on either of these platforms, or having a publisher show an interest in your work completely offends you, please let me know so I can take the song down.

Thank you in advance,


Find the Way

9 Files, 14 days ago
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Lost In Recovery

28 Files, 3 days ago
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somewhere in a million cliches

Indie Rock
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Wait For Me

26 Files, 1mo+15dy ago
Lawman Lawman, PortlandKeyboards, ShannonB

somewhere in a million cliches

Indie Rock
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It's My Mistake (Lyrics)

20 Files, 2 months ago
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Like Rust (Lyric)

Goth Rock
7 Files, 2 months ago
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Modern Composition
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Adult Contemporary
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The Hurt (Is A Thing) (Lyrics)

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
6 Files, 2mo+16dy ago
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I Have a Dream

3 Files, 5mo+6dy ago
ShannonB ShannonB

Know You By Heart

11 Files, 4mo+12dy ago
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All it Takes

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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Adult Contemporary
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You Mattered More (Lyric)

Alternative Country
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Jesus Come Save Me

7 Files, 5mo+27dy ago
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lyric idea

6 Files, 7mo+11dy ago
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chord prog Bm

3 Files, 7mo+13dy ago
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Family shaped bruise (now has a vocal, needs some music)

2 Files, 8mo+13dy ago
Markmm Markmm, ShannonB

Married To Superman

Classic Rock
10 Files, 9mo+13dy ago
WalterPaulOwen WalterPaulOwen, VocalRun, ShannonB

Where Beauty Rules

13 Files, 5mo+21dy ago
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Buried Above Ground (Ft. Shinnin Shannon & Jammin Jared)

14 Files, 9mo+14dy ago
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Married to Superman

9 Files, 9mo+17dy ago
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Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
3 Files, 10mo+29dy ago
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Walk With You

7 Files, 8mo+2dy ago
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The Lost Address

Smooth Jazz
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Soft Rock
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Adult Alternative
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Fallen Sun Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
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Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0

Adult Contemporary
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Last Goodbye

2 Files, 12 months ago
ShannonB ShannonB

Song of Parting

Contemporary Folk
20 Files, 12 months ago
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Farther up

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
7 Files, 9mo+22dy ago
peterrand peterrand, njd3, ShannonB

Kingdom of the Free Men

15 Files, 9mo+17dy ago
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The More Stuff, The Less Us

14 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
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Eye to Eye

Soft Rock
9 Files, 8mo+14dy ago
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