Afterdark Andrew Farrell

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Started playing when i was 11 and went through a few grades playing the organ. Was uninspired until I got my first synth, a JD800 then met my first wife so that kinda ended my Keyboarding life. Well not quite.

After I divorced the bitch I started playing again but disaster struck again. No not woman trouble again but this time I had an accident and lost the use of two fingers in my left hand so I stopped playing again. Roll on 15 years and a fantastic surgeon reckoned he could fix my hand. Two years of physio and I am almost as good as new.

I have a Korg Triton 76 and a Triton 76 Extreme

My influences are anybody who loves electronica from Edgar Froese and the tangerine gang to the never ageing Mr Jarre (cant believe he is 71) I love the Above and Beyond Chaps and trance music. Then on to Nick Rhodes plus a splash of Gary Newman and Dave Ball.