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Nelson   New Zealand
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French born New Zealand adopted musician, I enjoy all sort of music under any lattitude...

H(A)lain H(A)ngie H(A)ll or Ha Ha Ha

Soft Rock
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Martinis For Two (bluesy version)

Country Blues
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Alfcopy4 Alfcopy4, LooknGlass, GeorgeSC + 3 more

Ha Ha Ha

Soft Rock
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Alfcopy4 Alfcopy4, ben0, offthewall

How Could This Be

Electric Blues
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Bad Girl

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Noelcon Noelcon, Alfcopy4

Every Time I Lose You Spin Off ( Vox by Alain G.)

37 Files, 5 years ago
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Quarter To Love, Half Past Due

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LooknGlass LooknGlass, Alfcopy4

Every Time

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I Had It Comin (Revised Lyric)

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Waste of Time

Adult Alternative
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