AloudArt Marco Germani

Milano   Italy
Member since December 5, 2015

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NOTE: I often travel for business, so sometimes I'm not the faster responder, but I listen and read everything ... be patient with me:) If you like to invite me I will be clear on timings but if you agree I will work on your projects like they were mine until you are happy with the results! don't be afraid to ask for more!


I really believe in teamwork, cultural contamination and the power of the creativity ... and the opportunity this community offers seems a dream to me. I have been a guitar player for all of my life. With a daughter and a professional career in marketing I decided years ago to stop playing live but now my passion is coming out again. Challenging myself out of my comfort zone is something I like so I can jump in some collaborations where what I'm doing is not appropriate! please just delete it providing some feedback ... this is part of the learning journey! I am trying to improve my music production skills as well and I can't wait to collaborate with you to create art and music, emotions and fun.


My axes: '60 tele, '70 strat, Les Paul (the history of rock)

Amp/pedals: Orange AD30, Vintage Boss CE1, Fulltone OCD and Boost, Vox Wha

Digital: amp simulators, plugins and VI for my music production experiments