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Song-writer who plays a bit of bass and keyboards.

Influences include the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, RPWL, The Rocket Scientists etc.

I like collaborating with like minded musicians from around the world.

Recently joined Kompoz, looking forward to working with you all.

Some of my songs are at:

My Showcase Tracks
Hope Spring Eternal Heart (c) 2018 One of the earlier songs completed with the help of the talented folks at Kompoz: Super singing from VocalRun, lovely guitars from the very talented Heron, capped off my a wonderful mix from Tsvet. Credits: Andy Gupta: Original music, lyrics, bass, hammond organ, programmed drums Vocal Run: Vocals Heron Almeida: Guitars Tsvet Ivanov: Mix/Master Alice Minguez: Sound engineering
For Your Love? Pop-rock....this version is graced with the super drums of Raul and a cool remix by Steffen... Credits (c) 2018: SmithC: Vocals, lyrics Henry Mittnacht: Arrangement, guitars, synths, backing vocals Andy Gupta: Original music and lyrics, bass Raul R : Drums Steffen Offernann: Remix/master
The World Around You Pop rock with a slight funk feel perhaps. Mike Lucas was brilliant with his guitar contributions and mix, and drums master Raul provided an oh so right part. Paul Dempsey's cool lyric provided the spark! Credits: (c) 2018 SmithC: Vocals Henry Mittnacht: Arrangement, guitars, solo Mike Lucas: Guitars, percussion, mix/master Raul R: Drums Andy Gupta: Original music, part lyric, bass Paul Dempsey: Lyrics
A little Halloween cheer... Vampire Love (c) Holger Bremer/Andy Gupta/Frank Zax Credits: Holger Bremer: Original lyric & music, Lead vocals, Frank Zax: Arrangement, guitars, backing vocals, solo 2 &3, SFX, mix/master, Andy Gupta: Lyrics, bass, organ, George Williams: Guitar solo 1 & 4, Tony Wolsey: Drums
An alternative version of a fun tune....about the perils of working in the kitchen..or not. Credits: Jimmy F: Lyrics Andy Gupta: Added lyrics, original music, bass, electric & acoustic guitars, synthesizer, backing vocals Tricia Dovidio: Lead vocals Mike Woodford: Lead & rhythm guitars Tony Wolsey: Drums Steffen Offermann: Mix/Master
A wonderful mix by MixAsylum of one version of this space rock tune.....featuring Heron Almeida: Guitars, Bob Campbell: Vocals, Andy Gupta: Original music, synthesizers, bass, David Jones: Drums, mix/master.
Progress mix of this melodic rock tune - Slade meets BadFinger?? Featuring super vocals and guitars from Bob and Heron respectively.
A slice of southern rock: Credits: Mike Basil : Vocals, vocal melody Frank Zax: Guitars, mix Paul Dempsey: Lyrics Tony Wolsey: Drums Andy Gupta: Original music, part-lyric, bass
Groove mix (C) SmithC/AndyG 2018 Credits: SmithC: Original music, lyric, vocals Andy Gupta: Original music, lyric, bass Frank Zax: Guitars incl solo, mix Raul R (figsounds): Drums Henry Mittnacht (Docmidnite): Added guitars
Fantastic vocals from Chris interpreting John's lyric perfectly. Wrapped up with a super mix from Tsvet.
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Vampire Love (Holger Bremer/Frank Zax/George Williams/Andy Gupta/Tony Wolsey)

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The Nightmare of the Devilled Eggs (Jimmy/Tricia/Andy/Mike/Tony/Steffen)

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