AntunesBass Diogo Antunes

Hastings East Sussex   United Kingdom
Member since November 22, 2016

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​Diogo Antunes is a musician who, from his early years, started showing his interest and dedication to this field. He began his musical career in 2000 by having classes until 2003. He was seduced by the Rock of Stu Hamm, Billy Sheehan and Cliff Burton; by the Funk of Larry Graham and Louis Jonson and was surrendered by the technicality of John Patitucci and Adam Nitti.Throughout the years, he developed his work as a member in several bands where he continued to prove his amazing qualities as a bass player.

But Diogo is more than just a bass player; he is a musician who can easily adapt his knowledge to many diverse types of music, of which he has given proof by participating in many different projects such as: Alluminia, Midgard, Albaluna, Dukha, Shakur, The Vault, Shara Nan Khara, Maideness and Lindu Mona. Alluminia was his first music band until 2008, with which he recorded two EPs and the Album POST, in 2007.In 2009 Diogo joined the group Midgard, which would later change its name to Albaluna in 2010, with whom he remained until 2014, and with whom he recorded the Album Alvorada da Lua in 2012. In 2011 he started working on a new project of progressive metal called Dukha. This group also recorded an album in 2012.

As from 2011, Diogo has also played in cover bands such as: Shakur, The Vault and Maideness. In 2013 this bass player showed, once again, proof of his hard work by embracing a completely different project called Lindu Mona, with whom he is currently recording an album.

Besides working in all these different projects, he also develops his own personal work and continues studying everyday as part of his own self learning methods. Diogo Antunes is a musician whose purpose is always to give the best of himself to his projects and to be flexible enough to reach the point where music embraces art.