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Cincinnati Ohio   United States of America
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I work on podcasts, writing music, editing, production, etc. When I'm not doing that, I'm busy helping raise our two children. There are small windows of time I have to tinker around here, but most of my musical time is spent working on projects in private, bouncing around between roughly ten different ones currently in development.


48 Files, 9 hours ago
dwfreak dwfreak, Treid, JonGarcia + 2 more

Catfish - Drums Needed

22 Files, 10 days ago
dan4280 dan4280, Astronut

Hold On 2020

Classic Rock
14 Files, 1mo+20dy ago
dazzos dazzos, Astronut, LindenCircle

Surf Rockabilly psychobilly oriental affair

5 Files, 25 days ago
engels engels, Astronut

Ladycakes, Don't Touch My Beer!

Indie Rock
13 Files, 2mo+3dy ago
ARA9 ARA9, Astronut, groover1977

Before the Virus (Dis Track)

20 Files, 2mo+11dy ago
RickyD RickyD, offthewall, rockq + 4 more


Classic Rock
26 Files, 2mo+22dy ago
Lukas_Adro Lukas_Adro, Astronut, bcstudios + 3 more


Prog-Rock/Art Rock
13 Files, 1mo+27dy ago
peterrand peterrand, Astronut, RobertoGil + 2 more

Tell Me

12 Files
OregonGuy OregonGuy, Astronut

Sad days are coming

30 Files, 4mo+27dy ago
danlizhot danlizhot, Treid, Astronut + 1 more

Hell to Pay (experimental version)

Southern Rock
19 Files, 6mo+15dy ago
BrotherRat BrotherRat, LindenCircle, rsdmusic + 6 more

Hell to Pay

Southern Rock
33 Files, 6mo+6dy ago
LindenCircle LindenCircle, rsdmusic, Astronut + 4 more

Cabaret (Spin-off enabled for collaborators)

14 Files, 8mo+16dy ago
gabrojazz gabrojazz, Okobox, dwfreak + 3 more

Put It Back!

31 Files, 7mo+5dy ago
Hines57 Hines57, gabrojazz, SpinDizzy + 6 more

Sleeping with The devil

31 Files, 4mo+29dy ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, Astronut, antonklinkt + 4 more

No Glory No Crown

Hard Rock
45 Files, 8mo+28dy ago
danlizhot danlizhot, Astronut, speedbump + 1 more

On The One Funk Jam

26 Files, 9mo+10dy ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, Astronut, MisterBeam + 5 more

Deconstructing the blues

Contemporary Blues
9 Files, 10mo+23dy ago
engels engels, Astronut

Barking Dog Blues

Classic Blues
8 Files, 1 year ago
MJC252 MJC252, bassman78fr, Astronut


30 Files, 1 year ago
spydah spydah, bcstudios, Astronut + 1 more

Never Any Good

Classic Rock
21 Files, 6mo+23dy ago
dazzos dazzos, Astronut, BrotherRat

Smoke Stream

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
31 Files, 1yr+1mo ago
Sterling Sterling, Astronut

Clash with the Blues

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
34 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
Sterling Sterling, Astronut


26 Files, 1yr+3mo ago
peterrand peterrand, Astronut, sriracha + 1 more

Counter Clock Down

Indie Rock
8 Files, 1yr+2mo ago
barkerony barkerony, Astronut

Bleed (if you want to)

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
12 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
engels engels, Astronut

Can't Help Myself

Contemporary Blues
50 Files, 1yr+5mo ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, antonklinkt, Wire-and-Wood + 2 more

That's me told

25 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
peterrand peterrand, Astronut, MikiBella

Let Your Motha Out

64 Files, 4mo+29dy ago
xterrabill xterrabill, DocDaFunk, antonklinkt + 2 more

Old Sock

50 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
jannik jannik, Buttercup, Amanda + 3 more

What Do You Say

Classic Rock
49 Files, 1yr+9mo ago
RottGold RottGold, Astronut, lennyshefts + 1 more

Firenze Four

Indie Rock
17 Files, 2 years ago
barkerony barkerony, Astronut, Hojji77

Stone Cold Shooter

Hard Rock
24 Files, 3 months ago
bcstudios bcstudios, JonGarcia, Line6Freak + 2 more

Vacuous Rex

Hard Rock
13 Files, 1yr+7mo ago
JohnnyLiar JohnnyLiar, Astronut, V1CB

Another Change

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
35 Files, 1yr+11mo ago
jannik jannik, Astronut

Red Star

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
19 Files, 2yr+2mo ago
engels engels, Astronut