BKWilliamson Bryan Williamson

Frankfort KY   United States of America
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I am a lyricist looking to collaborate with some talented musicians. I've been writing pretty much since I could pick up a pencil and now thanks to so many Awesome people here at Kompoz I have published many songs on several different venue's. I'm cranking out new ones every day still. I also have published my first book, Not Beyond Redemption available on Amazon or Barns & Noble on line.

I write mostly Americana / Folk - Rock and Adult Alternative. I believe in making people think and stirring the soul with song. Many Thanks to all those who have taken the time to listen.

Music Influences

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In our profiles, under Influences, we can name a few of our own influences. I thought we could post and share the songs/artists that influence us here. We might get inspired by other peoples inspirations.