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I'm Babbazitt (really Ian A McAulay) born and bred in Scotland but have been living in the Netherlands for the past 36 years (!!!!!!) - the name 'Babbazitt" comes from a wrangled version of 'Babysit' which I used to do for a Producer I know. I was born in 1959 which was a good year though I don't remember anything about it except the slap on my bottom :) I've got 13 guitars from Strats to Dobros to a Double Neck Start style. Couldn't, physically, play a note between 2004 till 2011 due to way to high psychopharmica so I have a lot to catch up on and that's why I'vge wrote and or played on more than 2000 (thousand!!) songs these past few years. If ANYONE wants a SOLO get in touch!! My thanks goes out to Lairdy for letting me know about this site and to AviRosenfeld & gabebass for providing the first song I uploaded here. I'm looking forward to playing with everybody - got plenty of Lego!! me showing off on Guitar scary me on everything song me "singing" (Emphysema has took it's toll) Bye for now Ian

LOVERS CRY IN VAIN (song lyrics by Duane Lajoie-Music by Nicola Offidani)

Rock & Roll
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loose nukes

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Some kind of nightmare

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I LIKE A GIRL WITH BOOTS song lyrics by Joel Sattler

Electric Blues
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This Crazy World

Classic Blues
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Kmix2(Waters Of Life)

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Kmix1(Beware The Dragon)

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