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Born and raised on music, I got my start at 16 after finally learning to listen to and appreciate what the bass can do. Played in a couple of riff-oriented garage-rock bands in my younger days, moved along to Classic Rock and Blues cover bands. Played everything from Chicago blues with a mean harp player to modern female-fronted music like Jewel and Alanis. I used to play bass and sing in a Classic Rock band called Nasty Habits. Love the Stones/Allman/Rock vibe. I ventured into show tunes when duty called in my area. Played in 'Hello, Dolly!' , 'Godspell' and a number of show-tune reviews with the local community theatre group.

 With songwriting, my biggest influences are Dlebert McClinton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Eagles, etc... I like the country-rock style, with enough attitude to rock, but keeping it real and fun.


My bass playing is self-taght, not that that is really any indication. I know where all the notes are, and I like to find tasty ways to move between them. I like rock, funk, soul, pretty much anything!

Guitar-wise, I'm a rhythm guy, I like to take the 'What would Keith Richards DO' approach to making my parts suit the song the best they can.. I have been playing guitar more and more live and am bandleader in a fairly successful original project here in Vegas (Beau Hodges Band has opened for ZZ-Top, Matchbox 20, Lee Brice, Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan)


 Here's the good stuff:

Fender Acoustasonic Tele

Epihone Les Paul Custom With Coil-split P/U option for single-coil goodness!

Fender AM. STD Strat w/Lollar pickups

Garrison g-50E acoustic electric guitar

Martin Shenendoah acoustic electric guitar

Gretsch Resonator

Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 string

Yamaha RBX260F Fretless 4 strin

Essex BG-205 5 string

Prima 3/4 upright bass with pickup

Fender Mandolin

CHeapo Banjo


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