BeLo Brian Lowe

Warwick RI   United States of America
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Changed things up for now from acoustic drums to a Roland v-drum kit and Steven Slate samples. Still me playing and all Real Time however I struggle capturing a good quality sound with my acoustic set and have been having good luck with this lately.....

I've been drumming for about 15 years and have developed a diverse playing style and range of experience. I have solid chops, and good timing. Open to playing a wide spectrum of Rock, funk, alternative, progressive, hard rock, metal, djent, doom, fuzz etc... 

Also have recording and live playing experience with blues, funk, americana and some Reggae influenced playing (still developing that Bud Gaugh shuffle).

I have a Roland V-Drum kit w/ Steven Slate drums and Cubase. Yamaha Rock Tour Pro kit, w/ plenty of hardware and cymbals. I record with a Tascam US1800, CAD mics.