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I am not a trained musician, but I believe I make up for it with imagination and creativity. I have played in a garage band or two in the past, but felt I have never lived up to my full potential.

The digital age has been a wonderful thing for me, as now I can experiment with my music as never before. I enjoy working in different genres and styles, and "out of the box " approaches to music. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU ADD A TRACK TO ANY OF MY PROJECTS. SOMETIMES I MISS THE NOTIFICATIONS- Thanks

My Showcase Tracks
STAFF PICK***INSOMNIA-- Great tune started by Rx. Featuring xan, PilotProject, FIGSOUNDS, NoisyLingus, liljoe6string. Vocals and Lyrics by Billy limbo
STAFF PICK** NEON SERENADE--Thanks to all who helped make this song complete. It's a song that chronicles life on the wrong side of the tracks. Where at night the streets come to life with the buzz of the Neon Serenade....... Pharmakeus- Vocals & Lyrics Gitfiddle- Lead & Rhythm Guitar BentAxis- Synth Billy Limbo- Bass Guitar, Drum Track & Concept
Transcender- A spacy, Beatlesque, Indian themed song. My sincere thanks to Xan and Dirty Word Holiday for helping this come together! Everyone could use a magic dancing princess to help mellow them out when the world gets too intense...... Xan- soothing synths dirtywordholiday- background sounds Billy Limbo- Drums, synths, Vocals, Lyrics
STARE- Staring as a pastime / fetish?....Quirky weirdness. Big thanks to Wini and Slyder for they're tracks. Slyder- Guitar Wini- Synth Billy Limbo- Drum Track / Synth / Vocal / Lyrics
HEART OF DANGER-- This is about a person I once knew. My friends and I thought he was crazy because of all the reckless things he did. I wasn't until years later that I realized he had all the symptoms of an Adrenaline addict. Heavily influenced by one of my favorites- Iggy Pop. BillyLimbo- Drum Track / Rhythm Guitar/ Vocals / Lyrics** Gitfiddle- Lead Guitar** Jack Spratt- Bass
Crescent Moon Concerto- A new age love song........ Rx- Drums / Synths DrVenture- Keyboards / Production sunnyfid- Backing Vocals Billy Limbo- Lyrics / Vocals
THE NIGHT OWL--Kind of creepy and dreamy, it is a song about the last survivors on earth after a nuclear Armageddon, staying in contact with each other through shortwave radio communication. The message of hope slowly fades as the "Night Owls" succumb one by one, to the nightmare that the world has become. My compliments to Gary Green- who's imagination and vision created the concept of this project, and who's musical talents made it all come together......Billy Limbo- Drum Track, Bass, Electronica, Spoken Voice- Intro & Outro.........Gary Green- Vocals, Lyrics, Keyboard
Oh, Cathy--A short Punk / Rock song about a guy who is infatuated with a ditzy chick with a beehive hairdo. Special thanks to Kevin Hartnell for his awesome vocal, drum and rhythm guitar work- and Grumpy for the rippin lead guitar!
Space Odyssey--This project is a long time in the making. It started out as the Space Punk Challenge. It was created by Dirty Word Holiday. I listened to the songs submitted, and added 2 of my own projects to create one soundtrack. My intent was to create a story out of all the tracks, kind of a "Concept Album" like Pink Floyd's The Wall, or The Beatles Sgt Pepper. The track is 20 minutes long. It has references of 2001- A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, and Star Trek The story is about mankind's quest of space. 1."Space Punk" 0:00-2:00- It starts out as the young, brash Astronaut goes on his first mission 2. "Hey Look At Me" 3:36-9:30- The Astronaut reaches orbit and relishes at his accomplishment- 3. "Space Walk" 9:40-12:20- The Astronaut goes for a space walk, but tragedy strikes when his tether breaks and he floats away into space. 4. "The Worm Hole" 12:27-14:15- The Astronaut miraculously does not die after being separated from his spacecraft, but gets sucked into a wormhole, and is shot to the other side of the galaxy. 5."First Sight of the Tiberian Nebula" 14:16-15:33- The Astronaut wonders at the marvels of floating through deep space. 6. "The Maker" 15:54- 20:00 At the end of his journey, The Astronaut glimpses creation in action where he witnesses the birth of a star, and meets "The Maker" The Cast: Brad Thorne- Guitar /Dirty Word Holiday- Backing Vocals, and Noises /Calibaba- Guitar/ Minime- Synths / The Other- Synths / Ivancant- Synths / TikiHorea-Drums / FidlerSongs- Backing Vocals /Jarrad Wale- Guitar / Billy Limbo- Lead Vocals, Lyrics, Mixing
The Last Days of Rock N Roll- Ivancant worked his magic and transformed it into a nice, rockin tune with great, descriptive lyrics and a cool vocal delivery. It was topped off by Alexander K's awesome guitar work. Ivancant- Drums / Bass / Vocals / Lyrics Alexander K- Lead Guitar Billy Limbo- Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
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