BlackieCollins Aaron Patterson

Houston Texas   United States of America
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Rowing :: Upstream

Indie Rock
2 Files, 5yr+4mo ago
BlackieCollins BlackieCollins

Lucky in Trouble

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
BlackieCollins BlackieCollins

One Chemical Sunday

Adult Alternative
4 Files, 9yr+12mo ago
BlackieCollins BlackieCollins

Lawrence Avenue

Contemporary Folk
9 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
BlackieCollins BlackieCollins, Rombal, mauro

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True Son

Contemporary Folk
7 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
onemomentspeace onemomentspeace, BlackieCollins, Chrisd

Pretty girl ( my little love)

11 Files, 9yr+9mo ago
chelseaboots chelseaboots, ChrisDonaghy, Quadri

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BlackieCollins added a comment to the Engineering-Scratch Demo Mix in the collaboration Rowing :: Upstream
5yr+4mo ago
BlackieCollins uploaded a mix (version 1) of type Engineering-Scratch Demo to the collaboration Rowing :: Upstream
5yr+4mo ago
BlackieCollins created a Indie Rock collaboration titled Rowing :: Upstream
5yr+4mo ago