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My contributions are primarily guitar and vocals. I've got a serious case of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my left hand and being an American, my health insurance is less than a solution to such a costly cure. The numbness in my fingers prevents me from playing guitar without worsening my condition. Lately I've been working to improve my skills on the piano. Music is an important part of my life.

With a join date of Feb 28th 2007, I am the most long standing member. I have been very active over the 10 plus years. My story as a Kompozarian includes people and events that have changed my life. I have traveled the world to meet many of the dear friends that musical collaboration will always bring to those who embrace it's magic. My list of real life encounters includes over 30 members. A few have borrowed my couch when passing through.

So, erm, speaking of couches. . .

I was on the doorsteps when Raf opened the gateway to kompoz. That gateway extends to passages infinitum. Music exist communally throughout us and soulfully within each - there are those who joined unknowing of kompoz, not as a website but an experience - an undestined journey that begins with a curious and vulnerable step into one collaboration. The yearning and lonely heart of a true artist can only ever remain open. Coloration evolves in definition such that words can't sufficiently contain. It is not to be described. It is to be experienced. Listen to the spirits in the ether. In the truth of such musical unison, we cannot lay claim for it's content in outcome. Let it be music as ours. Whats mine is yours. Whats yours in mine.

So, umm, mind if I sleep on your couch? Looks like I'm going to short on the rent again and I know you wouldn't want me to pawn my guitar. Su casa es mi casa right?

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Upon You - with Bill on lead guitar
Crash and Burn
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