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HI, in a reflective mood, it crosses my mind that i've learnt alot on kompoz about expectations and the chance to open to interaction..

at my ideal, i would like to take part in music for very "open source" ends.. i believe that when people are collaborating, the best stuff happens..

i actually wonder, as strange as it may sound, if its that music's place is to increase the "vibrational level", call that raising awareness, being open to better ideas in other areas of life, worldwide.

i like to start with a first idea on your project, it will usually sound a bit haphazard and rough...maybe get some feedback, what did you like most, however brief it is..specific is nice..and then have more runs at it maybe based on that and refine..

i love stuff with colour and soul and that is a little rough around the edges.

day to day: . i use music as something therapeutic.i have challenging days and am using a lot of self-care to help this. hope this helps.

Night Lane

37 Files, 5mo+27dy ago
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Lemon In The Moon

14 Files, 6mo+13dy ago
Breathtax Breathtax, PaulM44

Touch through Glass

Quiet Storm
19 Files, 7 months ago
Breathtax Breathtax, RGBass, PaulM44

Cold December

23 Files, 1yr+6mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, TooNaked2Nick8


27 Files, 1yr+6mo ago
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Fantastic Beats and where to find them

11 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
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4 Files, 2yr+7mo ago
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headlights on the lonely road out to Fordingbridge

Quiet Storm
8 Files, 3yr+7mo ago
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AI 2030

7 Files
Breathtax Breathtax

Broken Again (spin off from Jeanette's broken ties)

9 Files, 3yr+2mo ago
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25.3 ml (offfshoot)

New Wave
39 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
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A Little Stardust offshoot

Celtic Folk
3 Files
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To Greet the Sun (Contest Entry)

8 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
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Dustbowl Kiss

Celtic Folk
7 Files, 5yr+5mo ago
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Black Hills (Contest Entry)

40 Files, 5yr+7mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, BrianCulbertson

History Of Sunlight

Quiet Storm
2 Files, 5yr+11mo ago
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Racing for the stoplight

Adult Alternative
17 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, kingez, FIGSOUNDS

Still In Limbo

Adult Alternative
54 Files, 6yr+5mo ago
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tragic b

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 6yr+9mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, JorgeG

The End of the story

Adult Alternative
3 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
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Landing Again

Adult Alternative
3 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
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Declaration Of Dependence

Adult Alternative
5 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
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diamond in the rough

Adult Alternative
14 Files, 7yr+4mo ago
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Bridge to Amiglio

Adult Alternative
12 Files, 7yr+3mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, nonea, billy

Theme for a failed New York police series from 1981

Adult Alternative
8 Files, 7yr+7mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, theLittleGiant

Journey through the Universe

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, koar

Lime-Free (Escape Velocity)

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
Breathtax Breathtax, wwkelleher, winnie65

Morning Vektor

14 Files, 7yr+10mo ago
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Adult Alternative
1 File, 7yr+12mo ago
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Summer long ago in the forest by the sea

Adult Alternative
2 Files, 7yr+13mo ago
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Blunt as a memory

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 7yr+12mo ago
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Spirit of the Western Isle

Adult Alternative
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Adult Alternative
4 Files, 8yr+2mo ago
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Can't Find the Air

Adult Alternative
26 Files, 2yr+9mo ago
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You've got to get sick before you get better

Adult Alternative
6 Files, 7yr+13mo ago
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Artwork Staff Pick

Love like a shining star

Adult Alternative
33 Files, 7yr+12mo ago
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