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HI, in a reflective mood, it crosses my mind that i've learnt alot on kompoz about expectations and the chance to open to interaction..

at my ideal, i would like to take part in music for very "open source" ends.. i believe that when people are collaborating, the best stuff happens..

i actually wonder, as strange as it may sound, if its that music's place is to increase the "vibrational level", call that raising awareness, being open to better ideas in other areas of life, worldwide.

i like to start with a first idea on your project, it will usually sound a bit haphazard and rough...maybe get some feedback, what did you like most, however brief it is..specific is nice..and then have more runs at it maybe based on that and refine..

i love stuff with colour and soul and that is a little rough around the edges.

day to day: . i use music as something therapeutic.i have challenging days and am using a lot of self-care to help this. hope this helps.

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