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What can I say, I'm 56 years old and had been playing guitar for years, Turned down 2 road offers, Ray Price and Edric Ray back in the day,..I had a wife and kids at home and figured I better stay home and raise my kids. I played with several Christian Country groups and did some session work. I had taken a break from playing a while then lost our oldest son in 2010. The zeal to play was lost then went thru brain cancer in 2011-2012. Sold my equipment in 2013 to pay bills and never looked back. My wife bought me an acoustic guitar in Nov 2018 and the zeal started building :) lol.....Low and behold I started playing again and mixing a little music with the zeal in full force thanks to My GOD and my wife! After close to 10 years its almost like starting over, Been back at it for the last 4-5 months, Not a million dollar studio, but give it 100% at trying to be good. Been on a Tone Quest most of my life like a lot of other guitar players lol? God is my light! and has brought me thru a lot, I owe him everything.

Mama Ain't Home Right Now

Honky Tonk
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Simple Man

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A Song About Love

Alternative Country
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Blue Perfume (Alyse Pippin)

Contemporary Country
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Walking me home

Country Gospel
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Contemporary Gospel
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All That Matters

Country Gospel
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Give Me A Reason

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Haul ass home

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Contemporary Country
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Whenever You

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