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MOTTO: I have no clue what I am doing.

Due to me wanting to work on non-kompoz projects, my time here is VERY limited. I have friends here so I will stop by from time to time to see/hear what they are doing. Things here at the lunatic asylum are chaotic (just the way I like it!) and I may drop by to upload some music, or try to sing something, from time to time as is my means to relax and take a break from my research, studies, and writing. If you do submit something to any of my projects, PLEASE .. PM me .. that is the ONLY way I will know you have submitted because I have all notifications turned off.

I would especially like to thank Joey and Christine - for the friendship they have given me over the years, they both have been the glue that kept me here :)

If you would like to reach me, please use the PM function as I have all notifications turned off.

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