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Nürnberg Bayern   Germany
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Music was my first love ... and it will be the last ...

Technical Setup:DAWs: StudioOne 2.5, Cubase 7, Ableton, Logic 9

Plugins: Kuasa Cream, Ministry of Rock 2, Melodyne,  Omnisphere, Komplete 8.,Trilian, Stylus RXP, RealGuitar 3 ....

Mixing and Mastering: Fabfilter, Ozone Izotope 5, Softube GrandChannel, Altiverb 6 ....

Gear: M-Audio keys 66, Novation 48, a real Seiler piano in my first floor, BX8A, Auraphone speakers, t-bone 800, SM58, Roland VSxpanded ....

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