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I'm from the U.K but I've lived in Dubai since 1993. I really enjoy collaborating with people on this site. I would prefer to be invited to a project by a private message. If my private message button is turned off, it will because I'm already committed to too many other things.

I love spending time in my recording studio! It was designed by the late great Lawrence. P Swist. If you google his name you'll get to see the many wonderful studios in which he designed, or you could just watch this I sang my favourite song as a tribute to him. Only people with the link can see it. RIP my friend!

My favourite male artists to listen to are Paul McCartney, Don Henley, Vince Gill, Rodney Crowell, Paul Rodgers, Chris Issak, J.J Cale, Steve Wariner, Lionel Richie, Ed Sheeran, Tony Rice, Brad Paisley, Kenny Rogers, John Meyer & Keith Urban

My favourite female artists are Gretchen Peters, Caitlyn Smith, Shawn Colvin, Emmylou Harris, Suzy Bogguss, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Linda Ronstadt, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Joan Baez, Trisha Yearwood, Joss stone, Etta James, Janiva Magness, Bonnie Raitt, Eva Cassidy, Matraca Berg, Lari White & Sheryl Crow.

I actually have quite a wide taste in music. Love artists like Pink, Halestorm, Il Divo, Carol Riddick, Halvdan Sivertsen, Grieg, Phil Collins, Tom Jones, Tommy Emmanuel, Bruno Mars, Fairuz, Amr Diab, Pavarotti, Adele, The Corrs, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles, Travelling Wilburys, Bruce Springsteen, John Fogerty & many more.

I sing & play acoustic guitar. If you hear any outstanding guitar work on my recordings, they will have been played by my good friend Simon!

I love Martin & Taylor guitars & mostly record with my Martin DC-28E.

I am so happy to have found Kompoz! It's a great way to collaborate with talented people from all over the world.

New Years Eve

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Our hearts beat as one (Shelia Burket lyrics)

Celtic Folk
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Somewhere out that door

Contemporary Country
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Auld Lang Syne by Buttercup with Fidler BV

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Auld Lang Syne (Acoustic version)

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Auld Lang Syne (with fabulous piano from Gabro)

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Magic (Spinoff with TSTmix)

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Magic (Scottyv lyrics)

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How Long Lord (Prev. Into the Dark)

Modern Composition
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Just Another Day

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When I Talk To You (featuring Christine Linge)

Contemporary Country
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You Can't Fool Me

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Turn the tide (ScottyV lyrics)

Teen Pop
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Feel My Heart

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No end to love (Joel Sattler lyrics)

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Another night alone (Simon W lyrics)

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Music Man

Modern Composition
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Love speaks the softest (Spinoff of the wonderful Dazzo's Without a trace)

Classic Rock
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Time to Forget (Spinoff of Dazzo's tune with Pvogel lyrics)

Alternative Country
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If we knew no limits (Gabro's spinoff)

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Hey girls!

Teen Pop
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If we knew no limits (Pascal's spinoff)

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If we knew no limits (Mitchel Miller lyrics)

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Fit the mold

Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
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Dreamers Awake

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Promise You True

Adult Alternative
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Yesterday Seemed Easy

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Modern Composition
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The World Outside The Window (Emily version)

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Words on paper. (Peter Vogel lyrics)

Teen Pop
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Fit The Mould (Spin Off)

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Fit the Mold - Rory's Spin (ft. Buttercup, lyrics by Mike Mantecon)

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Fit the Mold (Jannik's spin)

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Fit the mold (Mike Mantecon lyrics)

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Everything I Like

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