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My passion and hobbies are videography, photography, astrophotography and to listen to great music. Some of my entries (vloggs) have made there way and has been featured on World News along with several other news agencies. I am an unpaid working artist with one day becoming an employed vlogger at a National News Agency. I do have a full time job that pays the bills, of course, but I am hoping that one day my passion and hobby can do that for me. I can't sing a note or play an instrument, but I sure know what good music is when I hear it. The Musical Artist that have shared there talents with me on my vloggs have been rewarded through the airtime that my vloggs receive and so, I guess my grandmother was right when she said that "one hand washes the other".

My work can be seen at and my website is and my youtube channel is

I do not share anyone's talents or gifts without permission first and I promise that it will not hurt my feelings if you say "no" if I should ask!


~tina marie