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Lespignan Herault   France
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 CherieO ♥ Ooo♫~♪oh! ☺ is a singer/songwriter.

Rock, Metal, Reggae, World Music, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic

Received a Collective Works award in 2009-10 in the Song of the Year contest for lyrics on my songs:

You can also find some of my music at Soundcloud:


-Alesis Micron synthesizer & Behringer amp

-Yamaha PSR-S710 arranger workstation/keyboard

-Dell laptop with Acoustica Mixcraft 6.1

-M-audio Fastrack II USB Microphone interface, 2 channels

-ArtTube preamps

-Eagletone 1st Studio monitoring headphones


-Shure SM58B dynamic cardioid

-CAD C195 Cardioid Electret Condenser hand mic

-Wind/pop filters


I have some new equipment and Izotope plugins that I am learning how to use.

Focusrite Forte USB digital interface

Focusrite VRM Virtual Reference Monitor

Shure SM7B dynamic cardioid studio microphone


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