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All about choice and selection. Invitation sends can include preference to Kit #1 or Kit #2 as follows:

Kit #1 - Roland TD-20's with extender pack, Presonus input to Studio One Software, all kinds of potentials here. Kit includes 6 rack toms, sd, bd and 3 cymbals plus ride and a double kick.

Kit #2 - 1977 Vintage Slingerland with External real world Hardware Used:

-Universal Audio,

-Neve and Manley preamps.

-Universal ,Manley, Avalon,DBX and Drawmer compression post if desired.

-AKG414 ULS overheads

-Sennheiser 421 toms

-Shure SM 81 hats

-AKG kick

-Neumann U87 room


-Sennheiser 409 or Neumann KMS 104.

-Snare Bottom. Sennheiser 441

-Digidesign interfaces

Digital cummulative file sent first for approval / recommended changes - then following the corrected submission, seps will be sent - as follows:

-all toms






I can sing on key and have full processing ability to send you vocals - although you don't want me to ever sing lead vocal on anything - I have good backing tone and can hit a note like a mf'r.

Cheers, have a great day!

Kevin (Chile) Palmer



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