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I'm a singer and a my best when I hear an arrangement and can add some melody/lyrics.

Grind Times. Spun from DCH's Unfound

8 Files, 5yr+12mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, BradDunbar, linomuoio

That Load

Delta Blues
9 Files, 5yr+2mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, BradDunbar, wiig + 3 more

He Won't Let Go

28 Files, 5yr+6mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, Rolf, mauro + 4 more

Is it 2 Late?

Traditional Country
16 Files, 8yr+5mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, rauldv, Wolfgog + 2 more

Game Over Remix 2 (In Memory of Charlotte Gomes)

Contemporary Folk
7 Files, 9yr+8mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, jchalp, rauldv + 1 more

In His Hands

Adult Alternative
24 Files, 8yr+10mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, nmdx001, arwid + 3 more
Artwork Staff Pick

The Dark One

33 Files, 9yr+7mo ago
Chrisd Chrisd, Embers, xan + 2 more