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A native of the great city of Pontiac, Michigan, David have been playing music for over 35 years. During those 35 years, this talented musician has played a number of musical instruments; in elementary he realized that he could keep up with the rhythms that were played on the local radio stations in the mid 60's to late 70's.

At the latter part of the 60’s, his Father and Mother also recognized that he could really play nice beats on the kitchen table until his parents ran out of patients with him banging and bopping on the kitchen table and got him a starter drum set.

As the years pass though the 60’s and at the beginning for the 70’s, David enters his 5th year in elementary school and was tested for pitch in hearing tones and score a 100%. He was encouraged to choose and learn how to play one of the brass instruments that had been set before him, and he chose the cornet. He played cornet until his junior high school year. He began to pick up on other musical instruments like, the bass guitar, lead guitar, organ and piano.

This led him to playing in churches for a number of years and this is how he became a accomplish keyboard player in some of the many churches that he played for in the city of Pontiac and in some Detroit areas, he is currently the church musician at St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church in Pontiac Michigan. After listening to people like Andre Crouch, Walter Hawkins, Ranch Allen, Twinkie Clark and the Clark Sisters, Thomas Whitfield, Herbie Hancock, Bob Baldwin, George Duke, Joe Sample, Chick Corea, Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, Kurt Whalum, Earth Wind and Fire, Yellow Jackets, Jeff Lobert, Stevie Wonder, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, and Charles C. Johnson Jr. of Johnson Memorial COGIC (Church of God in Christ) in Pontiac Michigan. 

David had enough skills to play with some of the best local R&B, Blues, Rock, Pop and Contemporary Jazz bands in the local area of Pontiac and Detroit, for instants, The Eveready’s, Singing and Songwriter Marcus W. Lewis (former CBS Recording Artist), Flutist Althea Reene of Detroit Michigan, vocalist Spyder Turner (Barry Gordon’s Last Dragon soundtrack), Gospel Singer of Detroit Michigan Larry Whitfield, The Ninja Band, Night Mission, Carthane and Friends and Last Call band.David has work and entertained with such organizations as the MASB (Michigan Association of School Boards), Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Foundation of Detroit, The Mitch Albom Show WJR 760 AM and many more organizations.

Last be not least of this talented musician obtains a very unique sound and chords that are vast with colorful melodic tone. A man that appreciate the gift that was given to him by God.

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