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Hey there, welcome to my profile!

You can call my Daniel, Dan, D, DSoM or whatever you want.

Music for me is merely a hobby, but I try always to improve my skills as a drummer, although I do not intend to build a professional career as a musician.

I can say I enjoy all music genres, no matter where they come from or who plays it. Every single one has something special to offer, and as a musician, I think I need to know as much genres as possible. That way I can, step by step, build my own musical personality.Let's say I have a particular passion for the music of my country, Brazil, such as bossa nova, samba, frevo, baião, and so many others. It's a very important piece of our culture.

I use to give a lot more importance to instrumental songs. In my opinion an instrumental offers a larger gap for improvising, and for your creativity to be more evident.The variety of musical influences here in Kompoz is something actually awesome, you can find cool projects to contribute almost every day. Well, that's all.

Hope I can help with your projects in the future.

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