DTSUK Dave Edwards

Rugeley Staffordshire   United Kingdom
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61 going on 27! Wringing out the last drop of my voice while I still can!

Vocal "Jack of all trades but master of none."

Rock, Blues, Country, Soul, Pop - your wish is my command.

I started singing in 1965 in church choir and apart from a couple of years when I was in the wilderness so to speak I've never stopped!

At heart I'm more of a live kinda guy but needs must when the Devil drives eh?

I'm fond of ballads but I'll try virtually any style if the tune grabs me.

As for recording equipment:

My "Studio" Is just an Android phone and an izotope Spire Studio linked up to a Rode NT1a Condenser in a vocal screen.

Usually any rough mixing of ideas is done through cakewalk from sonar, I leave that kinda thing to more talented people than me ;-)

I tend to disappear a lot in the summer - the call of a motorcycle is stronger than the call of a microphone! ;-)

Hit me up if you think I can add something to your work.

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