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Greetings, my name is John Heavern, I am a lyricist currently living in Charlotte, N.C. . I have 13 music demos, 10 of which are videos on youtube, link available here. Demos are country, rock, alternative, so far. MY influences: Roger Waters, Neil Peart, Jim Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Tommy Shaw...

I have over 250 complete lyrics of various subject matter and disposition I describe as: "Lyrical poetry of observational introspection", designed to accompany 4/4, 6/8 (mostly)musical composition and be "song-friendly", complete with verses, repeating chorus and bridges. I sometimes like adding an additional line of verse(I'm creative, big surprise!), no worries about augmentation. A lot of it's pretty deep stuff, some humor and love as well. I feel my lyrics lend themselves to psychodelic, country, rock, blues, some ballads, folk. Something to say is never an issue! Some demos are country but I am not. I enjoy writing to rock tracks. Rock was the catalyst that brought all this to fruition. I'm now working with various composers on several projects on different sites and through personal communications.

I hope to not only learn much more about music, but the business as well. I create videos for songs and not only promote the song but my lyrical aptitude.

I'm always willing to augment as needed and have done so often, no problem. I'm more of a lyrical wordsmith than lyricist.

Looking forward to learning much more and connecting with some new awesome musicians. Also stoked about future prospects with current collaborators, as they keep crankin' out juicy licks!

Many thanks for your time and consideration, I look forward to future correspondence.

...Lyrical spheres, inspired frontiers, creations awaiting a musical dawn... - JPH

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