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Woking Surrey   United Kingdom
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Been in my main band "Eat The Lemon" for nearly 20 years and still going strong. Feel free to have a look at our extensive website or better still check us out on Spotify (3 albums to enjoy) or even buy a CD on Amazon if you want to make a small donation to our ego's. ;Highest claim to fame (if you can call it that!) was playing the backing to Tony Christy's hit "Is this the way to Amarillo" while he performed it live - he is a pro! : - Written and produced loads of songs over the years both with the band and a number of real and virtual collaborations (Prime Deal, Lupe, Lulu, MyVirtualBand, NowMusic etc.) and have stuff dotted around the internet. I've got far too much gear to justify this thing as a hobby but I continue to feed the habit! Looking forward to Kompozing with you! Pete