Dominkus Dominik Pfleghaar

Basel   Switzerland
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After falling in love with electronic keyboard instruments in the late 19eighties, I always wanted to play in a progressive rock band where I could put all the Mellotrons, Moogs, Solinas and so on to good use. That dream came true about 5 or so years later when I founded a band with a fellow prog rock loving guitar player. Some time later we became a complete, full-fledged band.

After endless fun sessions, two records and a couple of gigs in roughly 25 years, we called it a day.

Still left with the obsession about keyboard instruments, I would love to put them to some good use again. Although I do own a couple of actual analog hardware synths, I also rely on software instruments nowadays.

Floyd Bledsoe from 'Progressive Ears' once wrote in a review: "The first thing I focused on while listening to [the album] "Somewhere In The Dark" was the excellent keyboard work from Dominik Pfleghar. His playing can be very lush and atmospheric at times and then he'll knock you out with some blazing lead passages."