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For those who know me, my real name is Donald...but I use Donnie Alan as kind of a 'none-de-plume' for music.  Music has always been a huge part of my life.  I had piano lessons as early as age 5, and later some accordian (which I never play anymore).  At 14 I got my first acoustic guitar and taught myself to play that.  I've had a lot of music theory over the years, so have a good understanding of how music is structured and composed.  In the 80's I got my first synth, and I've been hooked on synths ever since.  I love creating my own sounds. 

Mainly I like to compose and arrange my own stuff, produce, mix and do re-mixes.  I enjoy working with synths and acoustic guitar.  I also do a bit of mandolin, bandurria and dulcimer (both lap and hammered). 

I've spent a lot of time studying mix engineering techniques, espeically with Pro Tools, and am always happy to help with a mix as time allows.  I have a solid background in acoustics and audiology and taught speech science and the physics of sound as a graduate assistant in graduate school.  I've also been using synths and audio equipment for over 3 decades.

Stylistically, I lean to folk, "New Age" and classical, trance, and once in a while, something in the Rock genre, not that I'm ADHD or anything.  Not into Jazz much, but Blues are okay.  Rap and Hip-hop not my thing.

My main DAW is Pro Tools (latest version) and my main MIDI controller is a Yamaha Motif XS8. I love to program my own sounds for all my instruments, virtual or hardware. I use many of the more popular VIs out there including Reason, Dune 3, Serum, the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack, Omnisphere, East-West Quantum Leap Play with several libraries, and several others.

I especially enjoy composing and arranging in different styles, doing remixes, and mixing. I've spent quite bit of time organizing my studio with good quality pro-level gear, and have a really good set up to work with, for which I'm very thankful.

I love the collaborative process here on Kompoz and look forward to working with all the mega-talented people that frequently come here.

My Showcase Tracks
One of my first ever projects here on Kompoz. One and Only One, Lyrics: Casia; Music composed and arranged by: Donnie Alan; Lead Vocal: Inge Jave; Lead and Rhythm guitar: Mauro Clerici; Bass: Mark Bowen; Drums: Mike Marnul; Mix: Donnie Alan and Ken Bybee
Song about losing someone close. Lyrics by Deanna Claudette. Drums: Mike Marnul. Bass: Bjorn Pehrson. Acoustic and Electric Guitar and Vibes and Strings: John Guitar; Vocals: Margo Music and Piano and mix: Donnie Alan
Teen pop song written especially for the vocalist, Margo. Great drums by Dean and bass by Dave.
This was a special project done as a fundraiser by my Church youth group to raise awareness and money for medical aid to Africa. Joel Sattler wrote great lyrics for us, I composed, arranged, and mixed the music. The vocals and some of the parts were all done by some of the youth in the group. Mastered by Rab.
My remix of a really great song by mega-talented Raven and mastered by super mastering engineer Rab.
My remix of a really great song by Jenny K, with her sultry vocals, and mastered by Rab.
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