Eddunne Edward Dunne

Dublin Dublin   Ireland
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hey all

Im into an array of music, mostly blues / rythm n blues etc.

I play lots of instruments and would be happy to collaborate with anyone on any peice for fun!



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Currach Lost

Adult Alternative
8 Files, 6yr+12mo ago
Eddunne Eddunne

blue skies

11 Files, 7yr+1mo ago
Eddunne Eddunne, koar

my baby says

Chicago Blues
17 Files, 6yr+10mo ago
Eddunne Eddunne, TurquoiseRose

coldest april

10 Files, 6yr+11mo ago
Eddunne Eddunne

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Slap (JSattler Lyric)

Adult Alternative
14 Files, 6yr+11mo ago
NicolaOffidani NicolaOffidani, joel_sattlersongs, Eddunne


19 Files, 6yr+11mo ago
kingez kingez

Wicked Woman

Chicago Blues
11 Files, 4yr+3mo ago
coneyisland coneyisland, BuddhaBlue, Eddunne + 1 more

Faded Dreams

Contemporary Folk
12 Files, 6yr+7mo ago
koar koar, joel_sattlersongs, Eddunne + 1 more