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Luttrell Tennessee   United States of America
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I write lyrics, I don't play an instrument so I'm seeking a collaboration with musicians, songwriters and composers. I am very driven, and hoping to find a Co-write partner driven as much as I am.

I am new to kompoze, and I only have my cell phone o work with on the site. So therefore I would be totally lost without Mikey( Mike Willis) he has been so great. He is producer Engineer and guitarist on HARDTIMES, actually he even managed me. Guided me through every step. Thank you Mike. Johnny Grey did vocals great blues vocals, Drum dawg, on drums.This song is still in the making, before these guys, it was only ink on paper, hid in my closet. Guys thank you all so much on helping bring my lyric to life. This is my first song. Special thanks to Mike Willis, for taking me under his wing, all your guidance meant so much, I couldn't have done it without you.

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