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Bath Maine   United States of America
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I'm 36 year old female that lives in Maine. I love writing vocal parts, song writing, writing lyrics and of course singing. Indy, folk, pop, jazzy, some humorous most creative or emotional.

Looking to do what I love.

These are some artists I'm vibing with lately.

21 pilots- Heathens

Band of Horses- The Funeral

Peter Gabriel- Digging in the dirt

Tina Dico- On the Run

Built to Spill- Things fall apart

Wanderhouse- Use me up

The Neighborhood- Sweater Weather

Alt J- Hunger of the Pine

Royksopp and Robyn- Monument

Primitive Radio Gods- Standing outside a broken phone booth with money in my hand

The Knife- Heartbeats

Hozier- Movement

Lykke Li- I follow you (deep sea baby alternative remix)

My Throne

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I'm Gonna Do Me

Contemporary Country
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Wall Free Maze

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Alternative Rap
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Sink down with me

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Power And Love

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I'm Gonna Do Me

Contemporary Country
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Melancholic semi-lofi (no title)

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Rope Burn

Indie Rock
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Waiting for the wind

Prog-Rock/Art Rock
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Cursed by Beauty

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My Story

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All Is Not Lost

Indie Rock
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