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When I was about 18 I had one ambition and that was to write a song, one song. I could sing ish, I'm pretty certain it was me that actually invented Karaoke and not the Japanese. But I couldn't play anything. I started of with two tape decks, a cheap casio keyboard and a crappy Yamaha drum machine. But everything I did was non musical. Which is why those of you that say you can't play anything, well you can learn, although it is probably best to do it when you are young.Then I swapped my keyboard for a crappy electric guitar with my mate from work, got a chord book, learned the basic open chords, bled my fingers and two weeks later I wrote my first song. I never did learn how to play 'Michael Row The Boat ashore' and 'Scarborough Fair' and all the rest. I just did what I always wanted to do and that was write songs. They were all garbage of course and strangely all about 82 BPM. So then I got better instruments a decent acoustic a Fostex X15 4 track and was away and running. All sorts of new inventions I got too, like crappy sequencers, I think it was a Korg thing, with a floppy disc, and by tha I mean a really floppy, floppy disc. The Boss DR220A which sounded amazing, especially with my Boss Rack digital delay. Then I got an Atari STE, upgraded it to a massive 1 MB of Ram and got Cubase from my mate. That's when it became exciting. And now after thousands of songs, \i'm still not happy with them and I'm always hoping to write something decent.

Kompoz has certainly given me the opportunity to fulfill that dream There is stuff i am on here, with others, that when I listen to them, especially as I never play any of my own stuff, I am really proud of them and they make me smile a lot. Raf laughed at my comment a while back, just after K2 launched, that if there was no Kompoz I would have to get married again, which is 100% true, although who would have me, would be really strange to want me.

I like to help people on here as much as I can, I get more pleasure from that. I am very fuusy and get frustrated because my music playing skills are very limited. But I can spend a hole day on 4 bars, haha, like most of us on here do, I think. I class myself as a songwriter and a producer, really, although being a songwriter now is, as I'm sure you will agree, is a curse. Because we never shut off. You hear that advert, with that great drum beat in the background and your mind is off and running. You know how it is. But it's a passion too.

I must point out, I don't listen to a lot of stuff on here. 1st reason, I get so envious of proper musicians skills and songwriters and of course the brilliant vocalists on here. Also because if I do, I tend to end up warbling my nonsense over their great tracks. But I do keep up with a lot of stuff.

I will either write my own songs, or sing melodies for others. When these are the 'writing' demos, my vocals are awful and are just to see if they work for whoever I am writing for. However, my singing style, is deliberate. A guy on here Autotuned my vox and I told him I Sang it that way for a reason and if I wanted it to be in tune all the time I would have sung it in tune. So bear that in mind, if I send you anything. Most of my ideas take a million listens also, you may find.

Anyway that's enough about you, can I talk about myself now?

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