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I am excited and grateful to be able to collaborate with so many exciting and musically gifted folks on the site! I love to write songs about people and events that inspire me. I am from a family who made a living through music so my passion for expressing through song is in the blood. I am learning the guitar so my tunes may be rough around the edges. I write the lyrics at the same time as the tunes but I am always open to creative expression and better sounds, along with all the great ideas from my very talented and fellow Composers on Kompoz. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

15 Files, 4 days ago
JenCarie JenCarie, JoyfulNoiseMusick, FidlerSongs + 1 more

Auld Lang Syne by Buttercup with Fidler BV

17 Files, 18 days ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, Buttercup, bassman78fr + 2 more

Hard Times Come Again No More

Traditional Folk
13 Files, 29 days ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, bassman78fr, Breathtax + 2 more

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

18 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, FingerFolkie, BrotherRat + 1 more


30 Files, 1mo+11dy ago
jubal jubal, SidiousSounds, gabrojazz + 5 more

All These Blind People

33 Files, 7 days ago
DocDaFunk DocDaFunk, gabrojazz, FidlerSongs + 3 more

You Are The Reason

14 Files, 2mo+19dy ago
kman kman, FidlerSongs, Wvcoffeechick + 1 more

Serendipity Andreas Mix

New Acoustic
3 Files, 1mo+5dy ago
DonM DonM, kman, FidlerSongs

Lucky Stars By FidlerSong-Jamtrack

13 Files, 1mo+19dy ago
jamtrack jamtrack, FidlerSongs

Song H

8 Files, 2mo+24dy ago
kman kman, Wvcoffeechick, IanVal + 1 more

Mike's Gift

29 Files, 2mo+8dy ago
JeanLui JeanLui, dwfreak, GiRa + 4 more

Into the Light

Adult Contemporary
20 Files, 24 days ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, Floodmusic

The Battle Hym of the Republic

9 Files, 1mo+18dy ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, JoyfulNoiseMusick

Sailing to Shore

Contemporary Folk
25 Files, 3mo+15dy ago
Wally099 Wally099, FidlerSongs

We Got The Hines57

70 Files, 3mo+19dy ago
JB2012 JB2012, GiRa, dwfreak + 3 more

It's a Southern Thing

Alternative Folk
12 Files, 5 months ago
Wally099 Wally099, joel_sattlersongs, FidlerSongs

Trumpet Man

19 Files, 5mo+2dy ago
JeanToudou JeanToudou, FidlerSongs, dwfreak

Dear Mykk

16 Files, 7mo+7dy ago
JenCarie JenCarie, JB2012, Hines57 + 2 more

In Your Eyes

Adult Contemporary
40 Files, 20 days ago
FidlerSongs FidlerSongs, Floodmusic

Star Children

22 Files, 5mo+20dy ago
Magnusxsvanfeldt Magnusxsvanfeldt, SyCC, FidlerSongs

Family And Pride

13 Files, 5 months ago
pramsay pramsay, FidlerSongs

Will The Circle (Duet)

21 Files, 3mo+12dy ago
RickyD RickyD, hollieolson, FidlerSongs + 1 more

A child's garden (ft Ian T)

27 Files, 6mo+6dy ago
F1lou F1lou, ipft, FidlerSongs


15 Files, 8 months ago
dwfreak dwfreak, JeanToudou, FidlerSongs

Your Mercy (feat: Susan Fidler)

16 Files
Mykk Mykk, Pvogel, RElbertson + 3 more

New Forest Shuffle

22 Files, 6mo+2dy ago
TheCadd TheCadd, paulinportland, FidlerSongs

Robin In The Snow

13 Files, 8mo+20dy ago
Wvcoffeechick Wvcoffeechick, ccarnucci, FidlerSongs + 1 more

Baby Wild

49 Files, 1mo+14dy ago
teddypickett teddypickett, ATLdrums, Wally099 + 3 more

Like Rust (Lyric)

Goth Rock
8 Files, 3mo+27dy ago
LooknGlass LooknGlass, ShannonB, FidlerSongs + 3 more


30 Files, 4mo+14dy ago
paz paz, simon_lau, dwfreak + 1 more

Washed In The Blood / I'll Fly Away

Country Gospel
30 Files, 7mo+15dy ago
JenCarie JenCarie, kman, JoyfulNoiseMusick + 2 more

Little Country Church

Country Gospel
19 Files, 7mo+16dy ago
JenCarie JenCarie, FidlerSongs, JoyfulNoiseMusick + 2 more

Almudena Cathedral

Alternative Country
23 Files, 9mo+23dy ago
JeanToudou JeanToudou, dwfreak, FidlerSongs

Here I Stand (kman spin)

65 Files
kman kman, liljoe6string, FidlerSongs + 1 more

Anonymous Feeling

Modern Composition
3 Files, 7mo+24dy ago
gala15704 gala15704, FidlerSongs

I know this place (SB)

14 Files, 6 months ago
sreggeegg sreggeegg, Mr_Sinister, FidlerSongs + 1 more