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I am a composer who released an album with Unicorn Records called Tales From The Four Seasons. I record under the name Flood

My Showcase Tracks
One of my most ambitious compositions made all the better by the wonderful contributions from Mika, Dean, Kate, John and Sean.
Music and production by Flood & Lyrics/Vocals by Ian T. This is the story of the last days of the Berlin Wall. Huge thanks to Ian for all his hard work and creative input.
A collaboration between myself and Ian. Music by Flood/Lyrics and vocals Ian
I just needed to find a sax player to complete my arrangement and was lucky to find Miguel. He freely admitted he wasn't a rock sax player before this but let me tell you - he is now. Thank you Miguel.
A song about trying to escape a cult. Fantastic vocals and lyrics from Mike and lead guitar, mixing and mastering from Billy. Drums by Dean - great work as always.
Dedicated to those brave pilots who took on the might of the German Luftwaffe and triumphed. God bless them all.
A track written pre Kompoz and made all the better for having Raul lay down drums and George adding bass guitar
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