Fretlessian1 Ian Pellow

Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada   United Kingdom
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 TESTING TESTING....1....2....3......Is this thing on??


Hiya from Scotland.

 Ian, here...been playing fretless for a little over 35 years now, off and on.

On at the moment. 

If you are looking for non-standard melodic bass parts, then I'm your man!

If you are looking for "simple", then I'm your woman!  ; )

I have been writing, for about 7 years.

Out of necessity, living in a very small town, I have had to learn how to play guitar, and well as bothering the neighbours with my occasional crack at a vocal part in a song.

 My main influences are the original Chicago, Zappa, Toto, Tower of Power, as well as many other names, both new and old.

 I love more challenging music...something to get your teeth into.

 I can play most styles, and really appreciate jazz-rock.

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