Funkaphyde Matthew Prieto

Falling Waters West Virginia   United States of America
Member since May 14, 2011

Collaborations: 18   Joined: 109   Tracks: 510



Virtual Bands I'm involved with:Spine, Rockets To Roses, Forcing Dawn ; Wicked Lizard

A Bass player for 25+ years, I have performed with many bands and recorded at many studios. While not currently working with any band, I have been recording song ideas with Pro-Tools at home, and have been looking for ways to collaborate with other musicians via internet or email to complete and create songs.

I've played every style from Rock, Funk, Metal, Rap to Contemorary.

I'm very open minded and just love writing & working on songs.


I play Musicman Basses

Trace Elliot & Musicman Amplifiers, Amplitube software for Amp Modeling

Pro-Tools M-Powered 8

M-Audio interface and Pre-Amps

M-Audio & Alesis Studio Monitors

AKG & Shure Microphones

PreSonus Studio 16.0.2 Mixing Board