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Lyricist (not a poet)



No, I am not a poet.

These poets are no fun.

They might have all the wordings right,

But charm, they just have none.

Although I don't fan poets,

I don't think they're all bad.

Its just they're writing when they're sad,

I'm writing when I'm glad.

I'm writing lyrics only.

I like mine mostly sweet.

I keep my words just simply short,

So they could keep the beat.

When I am writing lyrics,

I never try to be,

So serious or meaningful

I let my words flow free.

And poets, they're just poets,

They try, beyond belief,

To be so smart, to be so wise,

Sweet Jesus, they're so stiff.

Yes, I am not a poet.

I don't seek poet's fame.

These poets are so full of...


They're mainly full of them


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