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Geelong Victoria   Australia
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What a pool of talent this place has! It is truly amazing and I feel very honoured to share music alongside the artists here on Kompoz. It is nice to meet people from around the globe who utilise this site too.About me... Well, I am an Australian musician, from beautiful Melbourne. I play drums, keyboards, bass and guitar.My music influences are from the 80s era, Synthpop is the genre I probably classify myself as, however I do delve into other genres too and sometimes I like to fuse certain genres together.I have been in a few bands in my time, some just your average garageband type of thing to bands that have played in gigs. Legroom was the band I was in, we had regular gigs around Melbourne back in the day, and they were so much fun :)Running a business meant I had to leave the music scene for many years and it was only with the introduction of Garageband, and later Logic Pro, that it bought me back into music creation.These days I still run my business but have scaled it back, to comply with the economic times, and it allows me some moments when I can create music. It doesn't always come to me, sometimes my mind is totally blank, but other times I fell as though I hit a purple patch and take full advantage of that.I embrace technology to the full, and so I am always experimenting with AU, VST plugins, and adjusting the parameters of each of them to see what can be done.I do enjoy the collaborative process, the internet allows me to meet, make friends and collaborate with so many people around the world. I have also been part of some online bands as well. The Virtuals, OneVox and 40HzI hope you enjoy my work and I do appreciate the feedback and comments I get, they are wonderful to read.Cheers Gerald (Garni)

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My Heart Glows

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Falling Down

Adult Alternative
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Garni Garni, NicolaOffidani, afehr

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