GearSlut Todd W

Washington DC   United States of America
Member since March 4, 2010

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Every VST and VSTi known to humankind 

Mics: Neumann TLM-103; TLM-193; KMS-105; Rode NT2-A; Audio Technica 4040; Blue Reactor; Sennheiser MD 441; Blue Ball; Shure SM57s & 58s; Shure PZM; CAD E-200

Drums: Slingerland oval badge (1965); DrumKat; Roland V-Drums TD-30; Expanded TD-10; HPD-15; Korg Wavedrum

GTR/Amp Modelers: Kemper Amp; VG-8; VG-88; VG-99; V-Bass; VB-99

GTR Synths: Roland GR-20; GR-33; GR-55; Yamaha EZ-EG; Casio DG-20

Interfaces: RME UFX; Focusrite Liquid 56; M-Audio Delta 1010; Line6 UX8; Radial JD7

Mic Pres: 2 Focusrite Liquid Channels; DBX 586; TL Audio/HHB Radius 20/30/40s; Behringer T1952s & T1953s; ART TubeMP

Keys: Roland JD-800; SH-101; Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1; Radium 49;

Amps: Kemper Profiler; Fender Cyber Twin; Fender Blues DeVille 212; Laney 100GH half-stack; Roland JC-120; Kustom 70s solid state bass head/cab, Sunn 8x10 bass cab; Roland KC-550; Marshall Bluesbreaker

Korg Kaossilator; Kaossilator Quad; Electribe MX & SX; Akai APC40; M-Audio Trigger Finger

Alesis I/O Docks with iPads; 2 ADATs

GTRs (Fender): Fender American Roland Ready Stratocasters, two American Standards

GTR Synth Controllers: 3 Roland GR-700/G-707's; G-77 bass

More GTRs (Gretsch): Gretsch 6120; Green Brian Setzer; Roundup; Tennesee Rose; White Falcon; Beast; Duo Jet, G5034 TFT Rancher

Jackson Soloist (San Dimas #J0165); Charvel Model 6; Charvel Standard Model 3B Bass

Gibson Explorer Custom Shop; Corvus

Vox Spitfires

Guild Prestige Standard, X-79; X-79 Reverse

Soundcraft Spirit 16x8x2

Stomps: MXR Phase 90, Analog Delay; Digitech 2010, iPB-10; Roland

LP: Qube; Guiro; Tambourine; Eggs; Vibra-slap; Bongos, Meinl Spin and SH18 Shakers

I guess you can tell I love talking bout gear...

My Showcase Tracks
Wow, Abbey Road Sudios London. Thanks Pascal, for letting me sing on your tune and making a dream come true!
Jared James' sick and cool pop with my vox and guitar.
The first time around with Gelectric - a Staff Pick - woo hoo!
Another fun collab with Pascal. My vox.
Charles David Sharp's wonderful voice and song with some added orchestral production and mixing by me.
Another collab with Sebastien. My vox.
Another collab with Gelectric - thanks DT! My vox, drums, and xylo.
Great tune and mix by Sebastien, with my vox
Gelectric's tune, my vox
I wish Meatus would come back (check out his song "Plane" which I did not play on) - here it's all him with just my bass.
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Still In Love Tonight

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