Gee Gail Morrissey

Branson Missouri   United States of America
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I play Concertina and Hammered dulcimer. There is no talent category for these instruments. There are some friendly keys :for both instruments A, D, G, C and their relative minors that are easier to play, the rest are not so friendly.  I don't have the software or mixing skills needed, so my things are out there for all of you who have this talent. I am looking forward to hearing what all you Kompozers have to offer, and would love to join in on your projects! There are some extremely talented people on this Kompose site! I am glad to be part of this.

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Pull the Knife and stick it again

12 Files, 10yr+3mo ago
Gee Gee, billionthuser

O'Connell's Lamentation

Contemporary Folk
13 Files, 5yr+3mo ago
Gee Gee, joel_sattlersongs, AviRosenfeld

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

11 Files, 10yr+10mo ago
Gee Gee, DulcimerGirl, billionthuser

March of the 3 kings / We Three Kings

Contemporary Folk
9 Files, 10yr+9mo ago
Gee Gee, DulcimerGirl

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The Jury - RPM2012

Contemporary Folk
20 Files, 8yr+8mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, phraser, wvpcdr + 2 more

Touch Me Baby Now

Classic Rock
19 Files, 10yr+3mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, Gee, EnricoNic + 3 more

Green Fields Of The North

Contemporary Folk
19 Files, 10yr+1mo ago
AviRosenfeld AviRosenfeld, LucidDreaming, Gee + 2 more


18 Files, 10yr+4mo ago
sswellan sswellan, fillindia, Harplayer + 2 more

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