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Burbank California   United States of America
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Grew up in Los Angeles. Have lived in Germany.

Regular flavored kettle cooked potato chips and music are my only addictions.

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I can still hear every imperfection, but it is pure, mostly, so....
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You Never Wanted

6 Files, 6 days ago
GeoffR GeoffR, IanStreet

With This Life

10 Files, 1mo+19dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr, rcbell8

Circling Again

Adult Contemporary
6 Files, 2mo+8dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, Teeger

Ruby Ribbons On

Modern Composition
3 Files, 2mo+15dy ago
GeoffR GeoffR, bassman78fr

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Feel it, 1969

5 Files, 5 days ago
IanStreet IanStreet, GeoffR

Letting You Take Me There

3 Files, 18 days ago
IanStreet IanStreet, GeoffR

At the summit of Bugarach

Contemporary Celtic
11 Files, 2yr+11mo ago
LuisBorrego LuisBorrego, offthewall, GeoffR

Cinque Terre (Let me Hope)

5 Files, 6yr+3mo ago
kenzoK kenzoK, offthewall, GeoffR

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