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First and foremost. I'm not a cookie cutter vocalist. So I f you want your singer to sound like everyone else.. beat feet.

I'm Straight up Darkside. If that offends you move along, I don't want to waste any more time, with those type of musicians.

My lyrics are real.. Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll. Drinking and Drag Racing, I've done Themed albums... Revolution type shit.. and I also participate in Fantasy... you know breaking out of the Asylum stealing cars and going on a killing spree..

I've been ranked in the top 50 on the chicago metal charts for months and months, so despite constantly being overlooked here, I know I produce great music.

Check me out on reverbnation.com/cursethevillain

Or soundcloud.com/highriskdemos or /13dreadz

Hit me up if you want to work on a track together..

If you wanna get ahold of me to record vocals on your music find me at Reverbnation.com/cursethevillain . send me a message. I can Download and stream through sound cloud/google drive etc.

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